The Partner of the Quarter (POQ) program recognizes the significant contributions of café attendants, baristas and shift supervisors. One partner from each company-operated store will be awarded and recognized as Partner of the Quarter.


Q.     Who is eligible for the Partner of the Quarter bonus?

         Café attendants, baristas and shift supervisors from our Canada company-operated stores.

Q.     Who can nominate the Partner of the Quarter?

         All partners in each store can participate using the nomination forms that are delivered to stores the last month of each quarter.

Q.     How is the Partner of the Quarter selected?

         Store Managers will select the winner using the submitted nominations and by choosing the partner that exemplifies great performance.


Q.     How and when do I submit my nomination?

         Use the POQ website www.starbuckspoq.com/can to submit your winner. Submissions are due near the end of each quarter, specific deadlines will be communicated to store managers through normal company channels. You can also email Recognit@Starbucks.com to have a calendar sent to you. If you miss the nomination period in one quarter you can submit two partners the following quarter, as long as the two quarters are within the same fiscal year.

Q.     What do store POQ winners receive?

         Each store POQ winner will receive a special POQ Pin and certificate for their accomplishment.  The winner will also be eligible for District Partner of the Quarter consideration in the current selection period.

Q.     How do partners get nominated for District Partner of the Quarter (DPOQ)?

         The DPOQ is selected by the District Manager from the current pool of POQ winners in the most recent quarter for each district.  Each District Partner of the Quarter will receive a $75 bonus.

Q.     How do DPOQ winners receive their $75 (pretax) POQ bonus?

         The DPOQ bonus will be paid in the first month of the new quarter, and will read "POQ Bonus" on your partner's paycheque. If your DPOQ winner transfers to another store during that period, the transferred partner DPOQ Bonus payment will be paid from the store they have transferred from.

Q.     Who should I call with questions regarding the bonus payment?

         Contact the Partner Contact Centre (PCC) at 1-866-504-7368.

POQ Selection Website

Q.     Where do I get my global username and password?

         To activate your Global Username and Password, log in to Password Station and follow the enrollment prompts. For further details on Global Username refer to the Global Username Quick Reference Guide-Job Aid on the Retail Portal.

Q.     As an SM, what if I'm covering for another store and need to submit the POQ winner for both stores?

         First, be sure to request and obtain "Proxy Manager" status for the second store. Then you can select the POQ winner for each store as you normally would using the POQ website.

Q.     What if the partner I would like to submit as the winner is not displayed within my store roster on the POQ website?

         From the "Roster" page, select 'Add Additional Partner' and enter the partner details.

Q.     If I am experiencing issues with the POQ website who should I contact?

         Contact the Partner Contact Centre (PCC) at 1-866-504-7368.

POQ Tool Kit

Q.     How do I get the POQ pins and nomination cards?

         POQ pins and nomination cards will be sent to stores quarterly. If you do not receive them by the last week of the quarter or require extra materials, please use the Contact form to submit a request to the Recognition Team. Replacement pins for partners cost $1 each.

Q.     How do I get the POQ certificate for my partner?

         Certificates are printed from the POQ website after you've submitted your winner. Certificates can be reprinted at any time.

Q.     I've seen stores create a POQ board and display it at the hand off plane. Where do I get that item?

         The POQ nomination board is optional and orderable through IMS. The item number is 11031087.

Q.     What should I write on the POQ board?

         When writing your POQ board, consider adding the following:

  • Time with Starbucks
  • Position
  • Why Nominated for POQ
  • Favorite Starbucks drink
  • Favorite Starbucks whole bean
  • Favorite Starbucks food item
  • Fun/Unique fact

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To view the next open selection period, please login with your Global username and password and select 'Upcoming Events'.

District Managers may login and select the District Partner of the Quarter after logging in and only during the DPOQ open period listed in either 'Upcoming or Current Events'.

Note: Managers, PRM's and Area Coordinators who wish to view the results of previous selection periods, login using your Global username and password.

Please contact the Partner Contact Centre (PCC) at 1-866-504-7368 with any questions.

Partner of the Quarter Dates for FY 2019:
  • Q1 FY2019: POQ selection period opens 1/1/2019 - closes 1/29/2019
    • DPOQ selection period opens 1/30/2019 - closes 2/13/2019
  • Q2 FY2019: POQ selection period opens 4/1/2019 - closes 4/30/2019
    • DPOQ selection period opens 5/1/2019 - closes 5/15/2019
  • Q3 FY2019: POQ selection period opens 7/1/2019 - closes 7/30/2019
    • DPOQ selection period opens 7/31/2019 - closes 8/14/2019
  • Q4 FY2019: POQ selection period opens 10/1/2019 - closes 10/29/2019
    • DPOQ selection period opens 10/30/2019 - closes 11/13/2019